Video: Frame Clamp Install – Front Side

The DAESSY 1″ Front Round Side Mount Clamp can be used on chairs that have 1″ or 25mm round tubing (or smaller with sleeves), whether they be manual or power-base chairs.

It’s primarily used when the regular Side Mount Clamp can’t be used, when access to the bolts on the back of that clamp is restricted.

As the name suggests with this clamp, the tightening bolts are on the front!

The reason for the “side mount” is so it can sit underneath, or to the under-side, of the seat base frame work. This is required when the chair has a tilting seat system, which are very common too.


This video shows how to attach the DAESSY 1″ Round Front Side Mount Clamp to tubing – Best in FULL SCREEN mode.