Mounting Onto Tilting Seat Wheelchairs

When the seat of a wheelchair tilts backwards and away from horizontal, it’s quite obvious that the wheelchair occupant and anything attached to the seat base goes with it and anything attached to the underneath base of the wheelchair (i.e not the seat) does not.  For mounting systems supporting technology, we want them to tilt with the seat which makes us consider how they will be attached.

Mount Kit attachment to wheelchair seat bases, where the seat will be tilted often and/or 15 degrees above horizontal, requires a more robust connection of the mounting poles to the Frame Clamp Assembly (see this article for more information about Frame Clamp Assemblies).

Removable Out Piece Versions (ROPV)

Daedalus Technologies have designed a system to ensure that their mount kits are secure under any angle of seat tilt and for the lifetime of the mount kit.

These are called the Removable Outer Piece Versions (ROPV) and comprises of paired parts:

  • one with a “groove” and a lock
  • the other part that holds the vertical pole has the fitting “tongue”

The part with the blue lock, the one with the “groove”, is called a Removable Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR – pictured right).

The part with the “tounge” is the actual Removable Outer Piece part, the part that names this method.

They are used together and, along with the Frame Clamp for the chair tubing, form the Removable Frame Clamp Assembly.

This “ROP” variant is strong and sturdy and allows the vertical pole to be locked in place at anytime, particularly when the wheelchair seat is tilted.

You can also use this parts combination for applying a significant amount of angle to the vertical tube section of the mount kit as well.

Mounts With ROP

The following Mounts are suitable for use on a tilting seat system or where an angled installation may be necessary:

Rigid Mount ROP Version (D-DRM1ROP)

The Removable Outer Piece & Receiver allow the mount to be locked onto the wheelchair and provide a secure attachment for use on a tilting seat system. Note the D-DRM1ROP cannot be swung to the side; it must be removed from the chair for access to the user and during transfers.

Folding Mount ROP Version (D-DFM2ROP)

The Folding Mount ROP Version includes the ability to be locked at the frame clamp similar to the D-DRM1ROP.

Positioner Mount (D-DPM9)

All adjustable joints must be tightened and secured before use, particularly on a tilt seat system. The frame clamp assembly includes the locking feature to secure for use in a tilted or angled position. When adjusting or loosening any joint of the Positioner Mount the weight of the mount arm and attached device must be supported. Large or heavy devices should be removed during adjustment.

Swing Aside Mount (D-DSAM4)

The Swing Aside Mount includes the Removable Outer Piece & Receiver components that allow the mount to be locked onto the wheelchair and provide a secure attachment for use in a tilted position.

Lockable Rear Folding Mount (D-DLRFM8)

The Lockable Rear Folding Mount only suitable for use on a power wheelchair. The mount includes a manual lock system used in the forward position to secure the mount in place for use in upright or tilted positions. When the mount is folded to the back of the chair it is possible that there will be interference when the seat is tilted and MUST be considered when evaluating for the mount. Sufficient space behind the backrest must remain in the tilted and upright position of the seat.

Mounts Not Tilting Seat Suitable

Mounts NOT SUITABLE for use on a tilting seat system or where an angled installation is necessary

  • Locking Swing Away Mount (D-DLSA71)
  • Rear Folding Mount (D-DRFM6)

Mounts suitable for use on LIMITED tilting seat system not beyond 15 degrees of vertical

  • Rigid Mount (D-DRM1)
  • Folding Mount (D-DFM2)