Space-Saving Ideas for Frame Clamps

We often come across those wheelchairs where there is limited space for a frame clamp to attach a mounting system.  It’s often on pediatric wheelchairs or those who have a lot installed along the seat base and limited space to get the anchor of the mount kit install – otherwise known as the Frame Clamp.

So, what can you do when you have a lack of space for a the Frame Clamp?

One approach is to use a narrower Frame Clamp. There is now a more compact option from Daedalus Technologies in their DAESSY Frame Clamp range that might just work for you. It’s made for 1″ or 25mm tubing but works fine with adapter sleeves for 7/8″ or 3/4″ tubing too.

DAESSY Narrow Side Mount Clamp for 1″ or 25mm tubing

The Narrow Side Mount Inner Piece (coded D-NSMIP) and it only takes up 4cm of space in comparison to the regular Side Mount Inner Piece (D-SMIP1000) clamp for 1 inch round clamp which needs 5.5cm.

This saving of 15mm can make all the world of difference, either allowing a mount kit to be attached and having the AAC presented where it needs to be – or not!

In addition, the design of the clamp allows you to lower or raise the attachment point of the Outer Piece, like a Removable Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR or “blue lock” which may assist in fitting purposes.

In the image above, the regualr Side Mount Inner Piece is pictured left and it’s Narrow cousin to the right. Both clamps present a DAESSY Inner Piece Adapter so that the rest of the mount kit can be attached however the narrow version does so using less seat-base tubing.

It can get into spaces the others can’t – very useful!

Collar Clamps

Another option is utilising the collar clamps from Blue Sky Designs’ Mount’n Mover system.

Available in multiple tube sizes, they can be used on the curve of tubing and with the addition of an adaptor plate could, be used with either Mount’n Mover hardware or a DAESSY Inner Piece Adapter.